Solase Diode Laser

Lasers as high-technology instruments are very helpful tools that have been slowly incorporated into dentistry. The laser treatment has been proved to be high quality, minimally invasive, comfortable and patient-friendly. In our time, more and more patients expect there to be advancements in surgery and quality pain management solutions among other things.

The use of laser treatments is essential in the modern day dental office. The Solase Diode Laser is a key component to time efficiency and quality dental treatments with the help of smart assist technology. Over the years, the laser has expanded into different areas of dentistry and continues to develop.

Encouraged by the ever-increasing evidence of the safe and effective use of dental lasers, there are a growing number of dentist embracing the technology and appreciating how you can benefit. Dr Essack has purchased a Solase Diode Laser for surgery surgical procedures. With the use of Solase Diode Laser, surgeries can be performed more efficiently.

The benefits of laser treatment:

  • Less bleeding in the tissue
  • No need for anaesthesia
  • High precision, no noise, no vibration
  • Safe to work on metals such as an implant
  • Low probability of cross-infection with disinfection effect
  • Faster postoperative tissue healing
  • A smaller scar that looks better

An electric knife and scalpel are difficult to operate, time-wasting, low in precision and dangerous to the patient. As a key component of the dental laser, the laser diodes are highly temperature sensitive. This way the temperature works within a ‘safe zone’ for you; if the temperature gets too high, the system will seize to work.

If you are seeking a more efficient solution for your dental surgery, Dr Essack is well equipt with the right tools. The Solase Diode Laser has taken the dentist’s quality work to an even higher standard that benefits every patient who walks into Dr Essack’s dental practice.